Russian Imperial stout
Russian Imperial stout Глетчер
Russian Imperial stout Gletcher Brewery - OG: 22,0%, ABV: 8,5%, IBU:50

United Kingdom is considered to be the country the founders of traditional brewing. One of the unique styles presented to the world by Great Britain, was stout. This beer is of high quality and bright taste, so in the XVIII - XIX century became the drink of the English aristocracy. That led to addition of a prefix of "Imperial".

Russian Imperial Stout, is a kind of "Imperial" of staut which made for export abroad. Russian imperial stout recipe has changed due to the long transport. High fortress was not allowed to spoil him. Ageing enhanced the taste of young beer

According to the legend, this is stout loved Empress Catherine II, and from 1780 on order of the court of Her Majesty, it were put in St. Petersburg.Has earned the respect and love of the Russian Imperial Court, for its unique style, this beer has become an integral part of our history.

Russian Imperial Stout from Gletcher Brewery haunting 20 days, then cooled and beer brewing 2 months. Every week Russian Imperial stout becomes richer: the taste is roasted malt and hop bitterness are softened, the consistency of the beer becomes more viscous. Through this balanced taste of beer is replete with notes of chocolate, coffee, anise and burnt wood. The aroma felt the brandy and spices and hops TnT adds a touch of fruity.

Applying technology to the natural aeration and filtration giving up, we have created the classic Russian Imperial Stout with a similar liqueur body and rich complex aftertaste that makes it truly unique beverage.

According to the legend, this is stout loved Empress Catherine II

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